Business Documents

TBAC Capability Statement

Form 16s

The following Form 16’s may be used as a template to assist you supplying the correct information. The signatory is responsible to ensure information on the Form 16 is correct prior to signing.
Form 16 Blank (version 5, July 2017)
Form 16 Balustrade (version 5, July 2017)
Form 15 Compliance certificate for building design or specification
Form 16 Electrical installations, emergency lighting & smoke alarms (version 5, July 2017)
Form 16 Garage Door (version 5, July 2017)
Form 16 Glazing (version 5, July 2017)
Form 16 Insulation Installation (version 5, July 2017)
Form 16 Plumbing Installations (version 5, July 2017)
Form 16 Retaining Wall (version 5, Jul 2017)
Form 16 Roof Framing (version 5, July 2017)
Form 16 Roof sheeting & batten installation (version 5, July 2017)
Form 16 Termite Management System (version 5, Jul 2017)
Form 16 Timber Durability for Retaining Walls (version 5, July 2017)
Form 16 Wet Area Waterproofing (version 5, July 2017)

Plumbing Forms

Form 1 – Plumbing Application 2019
Form 2 – Application To Amend An Existing Permit Approval 2019
Form 7 – Notification Of Responsible Person 2019

Development Application (DA)

DA Form 1 Development application details (version 1.3, Sept 2020)
DA Form 2 Building work details (version 1.2, Feb 2020)

Building Guides

Cyclone resilient building guidance
Deck, balcony and window safety
Energy Efficiency NCC Volume Two
Environmental Sustainability Management
Flood resilient building guidance for Queensland homes
Repair storm damaged roofs guidelines
Storm tide resilient building guidance

Queensland Fire and Emergency Service Information (QFES)

Low Occupancy Class 2 Unit Buildings
Town House, Row House and Villa Style Dwellings
Fire Doors
Classification of Buildings and Structures

Some useful links

Australian Institute of Building Surveyors
Australian Building Codes Board
Queensland Government
Queensland Building & Construction Commission (QBCC)