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Fire Safety

A complete fire safety service

With fully trained, qualified and professional Fire Safety Advisers, you can trust The Building Approval Company to carry out your Fire Service requirements post-construction.

Don’t get burnt by changes to legislation

The Building Approval Company are the ideal professionals to ensure your building evacuation diagrams, plans and procedures are all up-to-date and compliant. These provisions apply to Class 2-9 buildings.

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Fire Safety Management Plans

Our Fire Safety Management Plans can assist an owner, body corporate or building occupier to effectively manage their compliance with the Fire and Rescue Service Act 1991, Building Fire Safety Regulation 2008 and the Queensland Development Code MP 6.1 Maintenance of Fire Safety Installations. Your Fire Safety Management Plan must:
  • Be building specific
  • Be reviewed annually
  • Include details of the persons responsible for developing, changing and reviewing the plan
  • Include the name of the fire safety adviser (if applicable) for the building

Evacuation diagrams

You must have evacuation diagrams and procedures in place at your premises. These will identify escape routes and assembly areas for your building. The Building Approval Company can professionally design evacuation diagrams to suit your building, orientated to specific exit points and locations.

Fire Safety Surveys

A Fire Safety Survey is an annual audit that identifies required fire safety installations within the common areas of a property and assesses whether they have been adequately maintained to perform to a standard no less than that which they were originally required to meet.
This involves: ensuring all emergency and fire safety installations, systems and procedures are properly maintained to the appropriate standard; that the necessary record keeping is undertaken; that key personnel and staff are trained to ensure they are aware of their emergency response responsibilities; and that evacuation drills are conducted on a regular basis.


There are a number of obligations you need to meet to adhere to fire safety regulations. Are you doing all of these well?:
  • Keep your Fire Safety Management Plan (FSMP) in a safe place on site. A fire safety manifest cabinet is a great way to keep your documentation in one place, accessible by the Queensland Fire & Rescue Service when they conduct and audit of the building.
  • Make the FSMP available to every owner and tenant within the building to ensure they are aware of the procedures to take during an emergency.
  • Develop an induction program for all contractors who may work within your building and have them sign a register stating that they clearly understand all emergency procedures. If your building is small, under 50 lots, then this would generally not be required.
  • Undertake training programs for owners and tenants as follows:
    1. First Response Fire Equipment training – General evacuation instructions
    2. Undertake an evacuation practice every 12 months.
  • Complete the Occupier’s Statement every 12 months and have a copy stored in the fire manifest cabinet.
  • Install a copy of the building’s Certificate of Classification at the front entrance of the building.
  • Ensure the evacuation diagrams are installed in the correct location.
  • Schedule an annual review of the FSMP.