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Retrospective Building Permits

Need a permit for an unauthorised building?

Have you been made aware that you have an unauthorised building on your property?
If you have been contacted by your Local Authority regarding unauthorised building work please contact us before responding to the Council.
The resolution and certification of unauthorised building work can be a complex procedure and the time and cost associated with the approval of the works will depend heavily on the circumstances, documentation, timeframe, access and workmanship associated with the unauthorised works.

Our process for obtaining retrospective permits

To determine the best approach, we’d recommend our professional staff undertake a Preliminary Inspection to determine the extent of works required – depending on the scale of the project, this will require a small investment of around $650 (local rate). Once we have undertaken the Preliminary Inspection we will provide you with a quote to finalise the approval process. At this point you can determine the feasibility of obtaining the approval. If you decide to proceed with obtaining the approval, our staff will assist you in achieving a timely result. We can assist with contacts to local builders, draftspersons, structural engineers etc.
Whilst we have access to the latest non-destructive testing equipment, it should be noted that in some situations partial demolition or destructive testing may be required to establish the necessary information to confirm compliance. Any testing or processes that may involve this level of investigation will be communicated and the extent of investigation clearly outlined to you prior to testing. The Building Approval Company is an experienced and friendly team with the know-how needed to help you quickly resolve retrospective permits.

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