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Advice you can trust for effective and flexible designs

We understand that the work you do to create liveable, sustainable and inspiring spaces in which people work and live is often complex. There are a lot of details to consider in creating both functional and attractive designs for homes, renovations, commercial and industrial buildings.
We share your attention to detail. That means we’re an excellent partner when it comes to ensuring your design documentation is approved and progressed as effortlessly as possible.

How do we help architects and building designers?


High-level advice on the building approval process for complex designs

Design review

Design reviews for every stage of the design process, including draft approval documentation you can use in tenders to keep stakeholders informed.


Clear and concise NCC compliance reports, with expert guidance on how to achieve compliance.


Strong knowledge of how to achieve compliant designs for accessible premises.

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The Building Approval Company applies quality-assured systems to its business, which demonstrates our commitment to high standards in all that we do. You can trust us to assist you with reliable design advice.