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Design Review

Ensure design compliance at every stage

Our quality design compliance reports provide you with peace of mind. Our personalised local service ensures you get the right advice from our QBCC licensed Level 1 Certifiers first time, every time.
The Building Approval Company takes a solutions-focused approach that our clients value. Our skill in identifying and solving issues has allowed us to foster many long-standing industry relationships with architects, building designers and builders.

Start the way you intend to continue

Due the changing nature of the legislation and the unique environmental factors that influence building design, we recommend you engage us in the initial stages of your project to ensure the design parameters are set correctly for your design team.

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We add value to your design team during the following phases:

1. Concept Design

Our review of your concept design drawings will identify the necessary design parameters. These may include: the type of construction, building classification, fire resistance levels, building importance levels, climate zones and cyclonic zones. Our concept stage reports provide concise and easy-to-read information that all design consultants can rely on, throughout the design phase.

2. Town Planning Approval

Our review of your design at this stage will reduce the risk of significant re-design and the identification of relevant referral agencies. We will work together with your Town Planning consultant to achieve the best result for you.

3. Schematic Design

As the design progresses, so do the complexities of ensuring all design features harmonise. Our review of your schematic design will identify any non-compliances and our staff are trained to work with design teams to achieve outstanding solutions. Negotiation with referral agencies is normally carried out during this phase. Our reports provide you with evidence of due diligence and quality assurance.

4. Design Development

Our comprehensive compliance reports are relied on by the design team to ensure all conflicting interests are avoided or resolved. Our third-party quality assurance certification is a testament to our systemic and thorough approach.

5. Contract Administration

During this phase, the design is starting to get “locked in”, and the final compliance review confirms the final checks required prior to the issue of the Building Permit Decision Notice and list of Conditions.

6. Tender

Our draft approval documentation is generally available to tenderers. This ensures all stakeholders are properly informed and nasty surprises are avoided.

7. Construction

The construction phase involves numerous contractors and consultants. Our role is to provide clear and concise information and undertake inspections of critical issues identified in the list of Conditions. Our inspection reports include photographs of non-compliances and clear guidance on achieving compliance. We supply Form 16s for all inspections and Form 11 Certificates of Classification.

Our systems are so finely-tuned we decided to get them quality-assured. Check out our credentials.