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About Us

The Building Approval Company

The Building Approval Company is a Private Building Certifiers offering building certification services in Townsville, Cairns and Queensland.  Our Building Certifiers and Commercial Chartered Surveyors have many years of experience in Building Approvals across all building classifications.

At The Building Approval Company (TBAC), we understand the uncertainty and the stresses that come with the demands of a project timeline. All you really want is a smooth start to construction, projects delivered on time and under budget, and happy clients.

We understand that navigating through building regulations can be a minefield, leaving your project stalled. You’ve probably wondered if there was a company out there that could get the building approvals you need, so that you can see the project to completion.

At TBAC, getting the building approvals you need is our specialty. Since 2011, we’ve helped countless happy clients reduce their project timelines, save money, and enable them to build a great reputation and take on more projects.

Our quality team of Level 1-3 Building Certifiers, Commercial Chartered Surveyors, Access Consultants, Livable Housing and Specialist Disability Accommodation Assessors and office staff have a combined experience of over 100 years’ in the construction industry. Customer-focused service has always been at the core of our business, which is why The Building Approval Company is one of the construction industry’s preferred building certifiers with an established and growing client base in North Queensland.

We are committed to helping you navigate through the complexities of all things building, so that delivering on time, under budget and having happy clients is what you’re known for – without the stress and uncertainty. Contact us for a quote or advice now so we can get started.

Meet Our Team

Rodney Byl

Director, Commercial Building Surveyor, Chartered Surveyor, Private Building Certifier

QBCC Building Certifier Level 1
QBCC Fire Safety Professional
MRICS Chartered Surveyor
Commercial Building Surveyor


Troy Richardson

Principal Building Certifier, Chartered Surveyor, Access Consultant

QBCC Building Certifier Level 1
MRICS Chartered Surveyor
Accredited Specialist Disability Accommodation Assessor (SDA Assessor)
Livable Housing Assessor
Access Consultant

Scott Dillon

Building Certifier & Chartered Surveyor

QBCC Building Certifier Level 2

Australian Institute of Building Surveyors (AIBS) Nationally Accredited Building Surveyor

Chartered Building Surveyor

John Houghton

Building Certifier & Chartered Surveyor

QBCC Building Certifier Level 2

Rachel Laneyrie

Building Certifier & Chartered Surveyor

QBCC Building Certifier Level 2

Michael Kunze

Building Certifier & Chartered Surveyor

QBCC Building Certifier Level 3
QBCC Builder – low rise
Chartered Surveyor (RICS)

Ryan Wagemaker

Building Certifier & Chartered Surveyor

QBCC Building Certifier Level 3
Chartered Surveyor (RICS)

Anne Gray

Executive Assistant to Rodney Byl

Natalie Farrell

Building Certifier (Cadet) & Office Manager

Greg Janes

Building Certifier – Cadet

Stacey Rowse

Building Certifier – Cadet

Ryan Woodward

Building Certifier – Cadet

Melanie Riley

Client Service Manager – Townsville

Kay Coward

Client Service Administrator – Townsville

Claire Byl

Client Services Administrator – Cairns

Matthew Byl

Business Support Officer

Dianne Willcocks

Marketing Manager

Dedicated to quality and giving back

Achieving high standards

Our systems and inspection processes have been independently audited by SAI Global and are certified as meeting the international standard for quality. You can view our certificate here.
The adoption of a quality management system was a strategic decision for our company to help improve our overall performance and demonstrate our commitment to customer service.
ISO 9001:2015 is a recently released international standard for quality management and quality assurance developed to help companies effectively document the quality system elements to be implemented to maintain an efficient quality system.
Our quality-assured service provides you with peace of mind, and a personalised local service ensuring you get the right advice from our QBCC licensed staff first time, every time.
If you’d like to view a copy of our building certification process flowchart, click here to get in touch and request a copy.
We are committed to improvement so if you have any ideas we’d be happy to hear from you.