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Don’t let your dream renovations put a cap on your future selling ability!

Don’t let your dream renovations damage your future selling ability!  If you don’t get the right building permits before starting the work may not be insured. Worse it may impact you when you come to sell.

There are a few checks and steps you need to undertake before you begin any extension or renovations, and the first check should always be “do I need a building approval (sometimes called building certification or building permit) for this work?”

As a guide, all structures in cyclonic areas (like Cairns and Townsville) require building certification (building approval) and this includes:

  1. Alterations inside a building that affect the existing structure or create new areas
  2. New roofs and re-roofs
  3. Fences that are higher than 2m
  4. Retaining walls that are more than 1m above ground level or within 1.5m of a building or other retaining wall.

Don’t get caught out because you can’t show evidence of building approvals for your extension or renovations as it will affect your resale value.  You can also be held liable for any issues with unauthorised (or illegal) building work in your own home.

Be one step ahead. Let an expert help you get approval before you begin on your dream renovations.  This will not only give you peace of mind but will save costly rectification work when you come to sell your property.  It is a lot easier to apply for building approvals before you start work.

You can simply give us a call to determine if your plans will require building certification. To determine the best approach on full house renovations, we’d recommend our professional staff undertake a Preliminary Inspection to determine what areas require approval.

Once we have undertaken the Preliminary Inspection, we’ll provide you with a quote to finalise the approval process. At this point you can determine the feasibility of obtaining approval and whether you want to go ahead.

If you decide to proceed with obtaining the approval, our staff will assist you in achieving a timely result. We can assist with contacts to local builders, draftspersons, structural engineers and provide guidance every step of the way.

It’s that easy.  If you want advice don’t hesitate to give us a call or complete the form, with as much detail as you can provide, and we will call you.  We pride ourselves on our ‘can-do’ attitude – we are solutions focused and have the experts on hand to answer your questions.