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Don't let illegal building work bother you and don't buy or sell with illegal building work.

Is your illegal building bothering you? You know it will affect your re-sale value?

Is your illegal building work bothering you? You know it will affect the re-sale value of your property but did you know it can leave you liable for damages? When you are buying or selling a property its important to make sure there are no illegal building works and works have not be done without a building approval.

Perhaps you put up a Bunnings kit shed a few years ago.  Maybe you have put walls on the sides of your carport turning it into a garage or a roof on your gazebo for more shade.  Did you know that what seemed like a great weekend DIY project could cause you major headaches when it comes to re-selling your property?  In addition, work carried out by an unlicensed professional at your home leaves you liable if damage or injury is caused and can affect your home insurance.

Resolve the problem by getting an expert building certifier to inspect the work and get it approved before you get a notice to remove it by the Council (sometimes called a show cause notice) or try to sell your property without the correct building permits in place.

There are several reasons why you should get illegal building work approved (this is often called a retrospective approval or retrospective building permit):

1. It is against the law

Unapproved alterations are not only risky they are against the law.  This is because they can be dangerous, even when they seem structurally fine.  Everyone will remember news reports of decks collapsing because they are not structurally sound or roofs caving in because internal walls have been removed.

2. They can be expensive to rectify

Often unlicensed work can be expensive in the long-term.  For example: faulty plumbing could cause damp or mould in walls; unlicensed bathroom waterproofing might not be to the Australian Standard AS3740-2010 and have no guarantee which could result in a huge financial outlay.

3. You are legally liable

As the homeowner you are accountable and legally liable for any injuries to your visitors (including tradespeople) as a result of any illegal additions or alterations.

Luckily, at The Building Approval Company we have a lot of expertise in this field. To determine the best approach, we would recommend our professional staff undertake a Preliminary Inspection to determine the extent of works required.

Once we have undertaken the Preliminary Inspection, we’ll provide you with a quote to finalise the approval process. At this point, you can determine the feasibility of obtaining approval.

If you decide to proceed with obtaining the retrospective approval, our staff will assist you in achieving a timely result. We can assist with contacts to local builders, draftspersons, structural engineers etc.  Soon your illegal building work headache can become a council approved valuable addition to your home.

Problem solved!