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Building Regulations 2021, Changes to Form 43, Form 16, Form 12

What is Changing?

To find out who fills out a Form 43 or Form 12 and when they are used, read this article. You can use our links to get Form 43 word templates and Form 12 word templates.

On September 1, 2021, the Building Regulation 2021 came into effect, introducing changes to the forms used for building work.  Builders no longer complete a Form 16; instead, they use a Form 43 Aspect Certificate QBCC or, if not QBCC licenced, a Form 12 Aspect Inspection Certificate.

Which form to use?

While there are differing legal opinions, we have concluded that Building Approvals issued under Building Regulation 2006 are not affected by this change. The Building Approval Company will however accept both old and new forms for all building approvals issued prior to September 1 2021. Any Building Approval issues on September 1, 2021 must be on new forms as described below.

FAQ responses provided to the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) by the Department of Energy and Public Works (DEPW) can be found here.

Form 43 Aspect Certificate QBCC

This form can be completed by a QBCC Licensee for an aspect of building work covered by their license for Class 1 and 10 buildings only.

What has changed

This is a new form that is completed by a QBCC licensee to confirm how work applies to the Building Approval.

Summary of Purpose

A new Form 43 Aspect Certificate (QBCC Licensee) has been introduced so that a person who holds an appropriate class of license by the QBCC can still give a QBCC licensee certificate for an aspect of building work. This form replaces the old (prior September 1, 2021) Form 16 and should be used by QBCC licensed contractors holding the relevant license for installation for aspects of building work including: Balustrade, Electrical Installation, Emergency Lighting, Smoke Alarms, Garage Doors, Roller Doors, Glazing, Insulation, Roof Sheeting and Batten Installation, Termite Management Systems, Timber Durability for Retaining Walls and Wet Area Waterproofing.

Download Form 43 aspect certificate

There are two more forms that you may see from us as your Building Certifier.

Form 16 Inspection Stage Certificate

This form can ONLY be completed by a Building Certifier (this has been introduced to clear up confusion that an RPEQ engineer can issue a Form 16 inspection stage certificate. THEY CANNOT).

What has changed

The form has been revised to be used as the inspection certificate for stages of the building work only and is issued by the Building Certifier only.

Aspect certificates for work are now either a Form 12 by a Building Certifier Appointed Competent Person, or Form 43 by a QBCC licensee.

Summary of Purpose

A Form 16 (stage certificate) will be used by a Building Certifier for the following mandatory inspections:

  • Footing/Foundation
  • Slab
  • Final
  • Bond Beam
  • Floor, Wall and Roof Frame

The bond beam and frame inspections may be inspected by a competent person appointed by the Building Certifier, in which case a Form 12 should be used.

Form 12 Aspect Inspection Certificate

To be used by Building Certifier Appointed Competent Persons Only.

This form should be used to certify an aspect or aspects of building work.

What has changed

This form differentiates the inspection work by a Building Certifier from an appointed competent person.

Summary of Purpose

The role of the Certifier Appointed Competent Person is to assist the Building Certifier in determining the aspect of building work is inspected and complies with the Building Approval. A Form 12 is then issued by the Competent Person.

Upon receipt of the Form 12, the Building Certifier may issue a Form 16 to certify compliance for this stage.

Please contact Anne Gray on 04222 9888 to determine if you are registered as a Competent Person on our register.

Download Form 12

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