Lapsing Building Approvals

Has your building permit lapsed?

The ability to finalise a building permit is dependent on the status of that permit. 

A building permit can be finalised provided it is still in effect (i.e. it has not lapsed, as described below). It is important to note that a lapsed permit has no effect, and, in such instances, an entirely new approval is to be obtained.

Where the building permit has lapsed and cannot be finalised, you can contact us to arrange a new permit.

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What is a lapsed building permit?

Local Authorities are required to maintain the records (permit and inspection documentation) relating to all building permits issued within its regional boundaries, including those issued by private building certifiers. The status of the permit will be updated upon receipt of the documentation provided by private building certifiers.

A building permit can have the status of ‘Not Finalised’,‘Finalised’ or ‘Lapsed’. 

‘Not Finalised’ means the approval is still in effect and work was substantially started or completed within the currency period nominated on the building permit. The approval remains in effect and can be finalised despite the currency period expiring, provided the private building certifier has not formally lapsed the approval. ‘Finalised’ indicates that all of the final inspection documents and certificates have been received by the Local Authority.

A building permit can be formally ‘Lapsed’ when:

  1. The building work did not substantially start within the currency period nominated within the building permit or;
  2. The building permit was issued by a private building certifier after 1 September 2006; and a currency period was nominated within the approval; and the work was not completed within the currency period; and the certifier lapsed the approval in accordance with the formal process prescribed in legislation, which is as follows:
    • A reminder notice is to be issued by the private building certifier no more than 6 months, but at least 3 months before the lapsing time; and
    • The notice must state the applicable approval condition; and the lapsing time; and that the approval will lapse unless completed by the lapsing time.

If the process as mentioned above is enacted, the approval will lapse when the lapsing time chosen by the private building certifier and stated in the reminder notice has passed, and the building work being the subject of the permit was not completed before the lapsing time.

Where the building permit has lapsed and cannot be finalised, you will need to contact us to arrange a new permit.

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