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Thinking about adding a deck or knocking down a wall? Renovating can be a cost-effective way to create the home you’ve always wanted, provide more space for a growing family, or improve the value of your property. 

Whether it’s a DIY project or you’re getting help from a builder, don’t forget that building approvals may be necessary. If you’ve been told by your builder that you need to obtain building approvals, or if you’re not sure whether you even need approvals or where to start, our friendly and professional team can help. 

When it comes to construction on your house, it’s vital to ensure work is safe and of a high standard. A certifier’s job is to independently verify that building work complies with plans and standards set out in legislation.

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Professional and efficient building approvals


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Retrospective permit advice for work undertaken previously that may be unauthorised.


We can help you organise new approvals if your building permit lapsed before renovation work was completed

Our qualified certifiers will ensure your planned renovations are appropriate and compliant, and see that you obtain the required permits as quickly as possible. Don’t risk defective work, it’ll cost you more in the long-run. The Building Approval Company is the most capable team for your certification needs.

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